The Ribera del Duero is located on the great northern plateau of the Iberian Peninsula. It stands out thanks to its heterogeneity; it has elevations up to 911 meters or valleys with 750 or 850 meters high.

Its composition: tertiary sediments which are alternated with clayey sand, limestones and calcareous and allowing that the varieties have a balance between the vegetative and the reproductive growth obtaining naturally a water deficit that contributes to get an excellent phenolic ripeness, that is, better tannins, better structure, color and aroma in a level of concentration.

Adding to the Continental Mediterranean climate, its great thermal range, it is created an extraordinary terroir reflected in the color, the great structure and the balance in our wines. That is the reason because our wines are unique and impossible to reproduce in other place.

  • Height 800 m.s.n.m
  • Climate: Mediterraneo with great thermal range
  • Soil: sandy loam soil
  • Varieties: Tempranillo.
  • Crops:  on bush and on trellising.
  • Type of Harvest: manual.